Computing Power Like Never Before

Organizations rely on computing power to work faster, cheaper and more efficiently. But in a fast-paced environment, you need more. Today’s artificial intelligence and data technologies can help you draw better insights, create cost savings, improve accuracy and act quickly based on logical, perceptive and informed decisions.

Leveraging 25+ years of industry experience and technology expertise, Sapient Consulting delivers practical capabilities and service offerings to support any AI and big data initiative.

Data Engineering & Big Data

Solve challenges like large-scale ingestion, standardization, storage, processing, querying, enabling analytics and leveraging big data technologies, frameworks and platforms.
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Machine Learning & Data Science

Identify patterns for revenue growth, achieve operational efficiencies and reduce risks with our statistical and machine learning techniques.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate repetitive, labor-intensive tasks to improve data quality, reduce errors, accelerate time to market and decrease operational costs.
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Cognitive Computing

Create efficiencies and establish a competitive advantage with a knowledge-based platform enabled by semantic analysis, chatbots, causal reasoning, inferencing, natural language processing and virtual agents.

Our Service Offerings

Enterprise Strategy

Designed for organizations with a top-down AI directive, our team works with you to leverage AI today and establish a path for the future.

  • Value-Driven Business Case Development
  • Detailed Engagement Roadmap
  • Industry-Specific Experience
  • Technology Expertise

Discovery & Roadmap

Ready for AI but don’t know where to start? We prioritize your AI and big data opportunities, assess your readiness and put your roadmap into action.

  • Use Case Development & Catalog
  • Data Readiness Assessment
  • Technology Platform Evaluation & Architecture
  • AI Roadmap
  • Business Case Review & Action Plan


Realize the value of an AI platform. We confirm your architecture, technology choices, techniques, estimates and plans for your platform, as well as create objectives, requirements and a test environment to bring your platform to production.

  • Iterative Data Exploration & Model Evolution
  • Data Assessment Tools
  • Third-Party Vendor Coordination
  • System Integration
  • PoC Planning & Execution

Implementation & Maintenance

Accelerate implementation. We’ll holistically manage your implementation program, expanding PoCs to broader solutions with specific objectives and requirements.

  • AI, Business & Data Engineering Expertise
  • High-Quality Data & Enterprise-Scale Model Management
  • Industry Use Case Inventories
  • Sapient IP & AI Technologies
  • AI Partnership Collaborations